My Guiding Principles

You're not making products, you're making badass humans

Some principles I use everyday to guide my design thinking:

  • Research, equals useful. You can't deliver the right solution if you don't understand peoples needs
  • Testing equals usable. Test solutions early and often. Iterate then test, then iterate again
  • Empathy is a powerful design tool. Get to know the people who are using your product early on. Never design anything you wouldn’t want your own family to use
  • Less is more. Too much information in no information. Omit anything superfluous so that only the essential is shown.
  • Language matters. Good communication avoids confusion. At its best, good copy has the power to empower and educate
  • Be picky. Question everything that seems obvious and dig deeper. Practice understanding over assumptions
  • Design should be inclusive. Accessibility and design are complementary. Not everyone has hyper-optic broadband. Not everyone can see
  • Be ethical. Place the users interest at the centre of your products purpose Any effort to influence the user’s agency or behavior is in the spirit of their own positive wellbeing, and the wellbeing of those around them.
  • Aesthetics is a quality that people recognize, want, and need. It effects our person and well bring

Last but not least

  • Focus on a positive and enjoyable user experience