Nice to Meet You

I believe people should be able to use products without thought.I have experience applying this philosophy across a varied range of projects from data visualisation through to voice, websites and apps.

I'm currently Head of Design and Delivery at Amite ltd.


Thoughts, insights and opinions on user experience design.

A UX Writing Checklist

UX writing is the act of writing copy for user interfaces. Using the right language is essential to creating great user experiences. It helps users achieve their goals and get to where they want to go.

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Inclusivity is a Foundation of UX Design

As design professionals we often use personas in our design process. In my experience we rarely account for users with different abilities.

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The Importance of Reducing Interaction Costs

I often refer to an article by Nielsen Norman Group (N/N Group) on interaction cost. According to N/N Group the ideal interaction cost is zero.

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